He told me I was the sun. I only later realized he was the moon.

Yes, the moon is full. Look at it, do you see it? It’s large, the biggest it’s been all year! Look at how it fills the sky. It’s so bright; barely any stars can be seen. How selfish, the moon. Do you ever wonder how the Sun suffers? While the moon looks so beautiful, it’s all a lie. All that glow, that illumination–a lie. It isn’t real, no. It’s borrowed-nay, stolen.

Funny, isn’t it?

The moon steals the sun’s light and you stole mine.

Even if you don’t love me anymore

Even if you don’t love me anymore,

I’ll make you a memory;

I’ll think of you at 3am, staring at my fan as it spins  because I’m too sad to get up and turn off the light.

Your name will be burned into my tongue, my throat, the backs of my teeth.

Fresh cotton–don’t think for a second I won’t remember how you smell like clean laundry. I loved that.

I’ll avoid the sushi place on West 23rd because the table in the left corner is where I realized I loved you.

My fingers will hover over my phone’s keyboard as I ultimately decide not to delete your number. I don’t know why I even attempted to try.

Even if you don’t love me anymore, I’ll continue to be miserable. Don’t pity me. That misery is mine. You took everything else but you can’t make me numb. I won’t allow it.

Things I Still Don’t Know:

if you greet your dog with a hug every time you return home

the flavor of toothpaste you use (I hate cinnamon flavored, personally)

if you like milk or sugar in your coffee and how much of each

if you are allergic to peanuts or grass or pollen or something ridiculous like pumpkins (I am)

if you call your mom every week or only on the major holidays

the tv show you watch as a guilty pleasure when you’re bored

what you do after a long day of work to relax

the way you smell (fresh cotton laundry detergent with a hint of something I can’t figure out)

the number of miles between us

the sound of your voice when you are sad

if your cheeks turn a bright pink or a deep red when you blush

the exact color of your eyes (kind of blue with splotches of green and brown)

the way my name sounds coming out of your mouth when I can’t hear it

if you think about me at all

if you miss me at all

if you love me at all

If I love you at all (actually, I think I know this one)

If any of this is even worth it (this is the hardest one)

Something exciting happening

Hey everyone! On this blog, I’ve accumulated a fair amount of followers. As you all know, The Bottom of the Ocean is my theme. Though I have never really explained it, that phrase means a lot to me. Together, with two of my closest friends, who are also english majors, I am starting a new blog that puts strength to this phrase and explains it.

Here’s the URL: bottomoftheoceanblog.wordpress.com

So, what is the ocean?

You are the ocean. You have the ability to hold so many different treasures and lost belongings. Imagine being free to dive in and collect all those loose memories and creative, thoughts, then having a place to recollect all of that on page, on an easel, in a camera, wherever. Then, imagine showing it to the world in a manner as unique and as expressive as  you are. Our blog is the place to do this: to vent, to be inspired, and to inspire others.

The point of this post is to encourage all of you to send your support our way. We have not yet started posting (we’re making sure everything is perfect first) but in time, our blog will be an interactive platform where you can share your ideas and be inspired by works of arts from new artists every week. We will feature works of arts from all of our followers and the best part about our blog is that it can be any medium! We are not limited to just writing  if you can create it, it is art. We will also have prompts up each week to inspire you to not only keep creating, but to discover what lies deep within you, that is, what is at the bottom of your ocean?

Anyway, if you’ve read up until this point, thank you so much. Please give my new blog a follow and stick around, I promise you it will be a very fun blog to follow. Again, here is the link to follow: