Dancing In The Sun

A tunnel of tree branches,
A spotlight orange;
A glow that takes away all impurities
on your skin and in your heart.
The pure joy gained from a simple leak
of color on our bodies;
A light given to us from the sky,
or perhaps something else…
How time stands still
when you’re standing there
soaking the moment in.
It’s the little things,
That take away your worries and fears,
Like dancing in the sun with your best friend
The moment before it disappears.

He loves me.

Into the river beneath the bridge floated the flower petals. “He loves me, he loves me not,” she repeated, picking at the wild daisies growing on the grass. She spent many hours sitting on the river’s edge, tossing in flowers ripped apart by her own anxiety. Okay, so maybe these flowers cannot actually predict the future, but she couldn’t help but smile every time it ended on “he loves me.”

He told me I was the sun. I only later realized he was the moon.

Yes, the moon is full. Look at it, do you see it? It’s large, the biggest it’s been all year! Look at how it fills the sky. It’s so bright; barely any stars can be seen. How selfish, the moon. Do you ever wonder how the Sun suffers? While the moon looks so beautiful, it’s all a lie. All that glow, that illumination–a lie. It isn’t real, no. It’s borrowed-nay, stolen.

Funny, isn’t it?

The moon steals the sun’s light and you stole mine.

Even if you don’t love me anymore

Even if you don’t love me anymore,

I’ll make you a memory;

I’ll think of you at 3am, staring at my fan as it spins  because I’m too sad to get up and turn off the light.

Your name will be burned into my tongue, my throat, the backs of my teeth.

Fresh cotton–don’t think for a second I won’t remember how you smell like clean laundry. I loved that.

I’ll avoid the sushi place on West 23rd because the table in the left corner is where I realized I loved you.

My fingers will hover over my phone’s keyboard as I ultimately decide not to delete your number. I don’t know why I even attempted to try.

Even if you don’t love me anymore, I’ll continue to be miserable. Don’t pity me. That misery is mine. You took everything else but you can’t make me numb. I won’t allow it.